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Shinjinkai, The Japanese Martial Arts Society is committed to providing courses that not only fit every skill level and background, but also to infuse our traditional and vigorous, yet supportive and innovative teaching approach. Why train? We invite you to explore the answer to that, and many other questions, with our engaging instructors and staff, and our diverse course schedule. Don't simply take our word for it, stop in for a visit when you have the time, get on the mat with us, and find out for yourself.

AIKIDO (合気道)

Adult - (15yrs & Up) M/W/Fr: 6p-8p, Thur: 6:00p-6:45p, & Sat: 11a-1p

Aikido is a powerful, graceful art founded early in the 20th century by Morihei Ueshiba. Its decisive techniques include throws, joint locks, strikes and immobilizations, practiced within a context in which weapons (knife, sword, staff and others) are assumed to be present. Aikido philosophy is to avoid harming others whenever possible.

A potent distillation of centuries of martial knowledge, Aikido transmits the most noble teachings of Japan's samurai tradition. It is practiced by thousands worldwide not only for fitness and self-defense, but for deep personal development. Aikido techniques also serve as the core of many defensive tactics programs instructed to law-enforcement personnel, in Japan, and worldwide.

Our Aikido program is affiliated with the Aikido World Headquarters in Tokyo through Aikido Shimbokukai, a peer association working to foster exchange, mutual support, and friendship
among Aikido teachers from different traditions.


Children - (6-14yrs)  Tues: 6p-6:45p, Thurs: 5:15p-6p, Sat: 10a-10:45a

Shinjinkai’s Youth Aikido program is ideal for children 6-14 years of age. Our curriculum and teaching approach are energetic, disciplined, and revolve around three core principles: Focus, Compassion, and Effort. Through cooperative games, exercises, and basic Aikido techniques, children learn to develop physical, mental, and emotional wellness and fitness. The paired training of Aikido lends to the development of positive social interactions. There is no competition, and it is all conducted in a safe and empowering environment.​ Aikido training instills qualities and skills like:

  • Conflict resolution

  • Character Development

  • Cooperation and increased regard for others

  • Etiquette

  • Leadership

  • Problem solving

  • Responsibility and Discipline

Shinjinkai is a supporter of homeschool and other small-group activities. Because we share many of the same core values, we welcome opportunities to include homeschooled children and teens in our programs. Our instructional approach is customized for each homeschool group, and integrates physical, social, emotional and cognitive learning experiences for each student, according to his or her age group and stage of development. For those youths not comfortable in a group environment, Shinjinkai also offers private classes.

IAIDO  (無外流)

Adult - (15yrs & Up) Sun: 6p-8:30p & Mon: 8p-9:30p

Meishi-ha Mugai Ryu Iaihyodo is a koryu (feudal era) school of swordsmanship founded in 1693. Emphasis in Mugai Ryu is placed on practical, close-quarters techniques of drawing and cutting against single or multiple opponents. Training in Mugai Ryu begins with practice of the 20 fundamental seated and standing kata (forms). Later practice includes more advanced kata and partner practice with both long and short swords. Mugai Ryu students also practice tameshigiri: the cutting of targets using live blades. 

Shinjinkai's program is affiliated with the Suimokai, an organization in Japan dedicated to the preservation of several martial arts including Mugai Ryu. It is led by Niina Toyoaki Gyokudo, the soke (headmaster) of Meishi-ha Mugairyu Iaihyodo.



Adults - (15yrs & Up) Wed: 5p-6p, Sat: 1:15p-2:15p

The Shinbukan Kuroda Dojo was founded by Yahei Masayoshi Kuroda in 1848 to transmit four styles of martial arts inherited by the Kuroda family: Komagawa Kaishin-ryu Kenjutsu (founded in the 16th century), Tamiya-ryu Iaijutsu (founded approximate 350 years ago), Shishin Takuma-ryu Jujutsu (according to tradition, founded in the 10th century), Tsubaki Kotengu-ryu Bojutsu (founded in the Keichou era, 1596-1615). Kenjutsu, Jujutsu, Iaijutsu, Bojutsu; together, these comprise the Shinbukan Kuroda Ryu-gi, or style, today led by Headmaster Tetsuzan Kuroda Sensei.

Shinjinkai hosts one of only four study groups outside of Japan authorized by Kuroda Sensei.


Adults - (21yrs & Up) Wed: 8p-9:30p, Fri: 8p-10p

Literally meaning "skill with the body," Taijutsu is no less than a modern resurgence of old-school thought, akin to Bushi no michi- "the warrior path" - self-reliance that studies a range of tactics and strategies from nine ancient lineages; aimed at protecting,
and defending, the lives of self and others. This includes training in: Taihenjutsu (tumbling and breaking falls), Taisabaki (tactical positioning), Dakentaijutsu (striking), Jutaijutsu (grappling), Buki (weapons and tools), and Junan Taiso (conditioning and health). 

Taijutsu's practicality prompts tens of thousands from around the world -many involved in law enforcement and the military -to seek out training. The Marine Corps Martial Arts Program and the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Defensive Tactics Program have both utilized Taijutsu principles as a basis for their instruction.


Adults - (15yrs & Up) Sun: 8a-11a, Tues: 7p-9p, Thurs: 7p-9p

The Zen Buddhist teachings were transmitted from India to China in the 5th century. From there they have spread throughout Asia and to the world.

What am I? What is this life for? Why is there suffering? These are universal human questions that demand answers. Zen, however, is not a system of belief or dogma. It is an experiential recognition of your own deepest nature, and a mind-body training to embody that. With guidance from the teacher and through devoted practice of things like meditation, we may awaken to our intrinsic wisdom. 

Anyone who is determined to live life in a manner manifesting wisdom and compassion can do so, and Zen provides the path. We welcome all sincere seekers.


Adults - (15yrs & Up) Sun 2:00pm - 3:45pm

It is said that the jo could be used to strike like a sword, sweep like a naginata, thrust like a spear. Its two ends could be used, unlike the single point of a sword, and its ma-ai (fighting distance) could be varied according to the hand grip you take.

Containing twelve kata and twelve basic techniques (kihon), the Zen Nihon Kendo Renmei Seitei Jodo system, trains both individually (tandoku dosa) and in pairs (sotai dosa), with the defender using the staff, and the attacker using the sword. Both the basic techniques and forms are drawn primarily from the koryu martial art Shinto Muso-ryu.


Adults - (15yrs & Up) Sun: 4p-5:45p

the modern (gendai) form called Atarashii Naginata “new Naginata”. It employs the use of a bamboo and oak naginata for practice & competition. Majority of training is dedicated to Engi (forms) and shiai (matches) wearing armor (bogu). Bogu is not required until a certain level of proficiency is demonstrated. Atarashii Naginata is an art that can be enjoyed by men or women, from the youngest preschooler to the oldest senior citizen.

The second school is the classical (koryu) art of Tendo-Ryu naginatajitsu. Tendo-Ryu the “School of the Way to Heaven” dates back to the late 1500s. It uses the naginata, but also the practice of various other weapons: the long and short swords, both swords (nito-ryu), two kinds of daggers, the staff (representing the shaft of a broken naginata), and the Japanese sickle with a chain (kusarigama).


Murray Sensei, and other senior Shinjinkai teachers, are available on a limited basis for private instruction at various locations.

For adults or youth that learn best in this format, private classes are an opportunity to benefit directly from the insights of a master-level instructor respected worldwide for his teaching ability. Students in our group classes also benefit from occasional private sessions, to analyze their progress and break through to higher levels of achievement. In short, private instruction is an intensely focused and rich learning opportunity.

Topics for private instruction may include the following; singly, or in combination, according to the student's interest:

  • Aikido

  • Japanese swordsmanship

  • Personal protection

  • Self-defense for women

  • For Kids:  Dealing with bullies and projecting confidence

  • Meditation and Internal Cultivation

  • Knife tactics and defense (traditional and modern)

  • Walking stick and baton

  • 6" stick (dokkosho/yawara)

  • Firearm retention and disarming

  • Improvised weapon tactics

  • Defensive Tactics for Law Enforcement (rapid takedown/immobilization, handcuffing)

  • Close quarter combatives

  • Authentic Japanese-style fight choreography.

Rates for private instruction are hourly, and are set by agreement with the engaged instructor.


Physical skills useful for prevailing in a modern threat environment are instructed by Shinjinkai to armed professionals and responsible civilians.

These include:

  • Situational awareness: maximizing sensory contact with the environment

  • Centering and respiration techniques: psycho-physical training for maintaining/regaining operational clarity

  • Defensive Tactics for Law Enforcement: officer safety, rapid takedown and immobilization, handcuffing

  • Close quarter combatives

  • Edged weapon tactics (fixed and folding) and defense

  • Impact weapon/baton tactics and defense

  • Firearm retention and disarming: pistol and long gun

  • Improvised weapon tactics

  • Multiple assailant tactics

  • Civilian personal protection

  • Sexual assault prevention

We are also adept at constructing scenario-specific training to meet unique needs, and  have instructed these skills in both agency-sponsored and private venues to:

  • Federal law-enforcement agencies: FBI, IRS, Treasury Department

  • Numerous state, county and municipal law-enforcement agencies

  • US military and special operations personnel

  • Foreign military, government security and anti-terrorist personnel

This training was previously offered through the Association for Tactical Applications (ATA), a consulting group founded by Moore Sensei at the request of the late Aikido master Fumio Toyoda (who served as its technical advisor, having himself instructed Japanese police and members of what was previously called the South Korean Central Intelligence Agency). Toyoda Sensei felt very strongly that traditional martial arts should creatively adapt and address the realities of modern violence. We continue his efforts today by offering this training through Shinjinkai.

To discuss the possiblity of scheduling a training event for your organization, unit, or group, please contact us.  

Some of these skills are also instructed at Shinjinkai as part of our general Aikido program.



The roots of Shinjinkai go back to the early 1980's, when the original Shinjinkan dojo was established by the famous Aikido and Zen master, Tenzan (Fumio) Toyoda Sensei. In 1991, Toyoda Sensei appointed his principal student Meido Moore Sensei as the chief instructor.

Moore Sensei founded Shinjinkai as a community in 2002, and in 2003 Moore Sensei was ordained in the Zen Buddhist tradition. A Rinzai Zen lineage holder, he today serves as abbot of Korinji, a rural monastery near Madison, WI, and as guiding teacher of the Madison Rinzai Zen Community. He continues his personal martial art practice, serving on the advisory board of Aikido Shimbokukai.

Shinjinkai is a community united by a common purpose: intensive study of Japanese warrior arts. You'll find our culture to be one of camaraderie, hard work, and the joy of practice. Our association of dojos is known worldwide for traditional, rigorous training. Today, society judges individuals by what they do or own. In the dojo, however, our only interest is what you use your life to become. This is the spirit of shugyo: deep mind-body training to live fully and benefit others. New members are welcome at all of our locations. Read within to learn about our group classes and how to get started. We also offer private instruction, and conduct special training events worldwide.


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A new series of online Zoom classes will begin on July 13th, 2020. The series will be split for both our adult and youth members, (but, since you are at home) do feel free to train together! Join us as we explore new, fun, and creative methodology for practicing, and refining martial movement. Classes are open to current and new members. 

• Aikido (adult): Mon/Wed/Thur 6p-6:30pm 

• Aikido (youth): Tuesday/Thur 11:30a-12noon & Sat 10a-10:30am


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One of the functions we fulfill is supporting, and engaging in, various seminars and training events throughout the year. Shinjinkan Dojo itself has two main training seminars annually -Kangeiko and Shochugeiko- (winter and summer training, respectively) where we also hold rank testing, for those members that are eligible. These events are not limited to attendance by Shinjinkan members, in fact,
we encourage participation by individuals both from within, and without, our organization.



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