Please submit your 2020 Shimbokukai Registration dues before January 31st.

Thank you for submitting your annual dues! This will allow you to remain connected to our larger association,
and to receive certifications recognized by the Aikido World H.Q. in Tokyo.


To pay your dues, please fill out the fields below and press send. Then, submit the $50 annual dues online
using the PayPal button below (you may use a credit/debit card if you don't have a PayPal account). If you
prefer to submit your dues in person, please make checks payable to "Shinjinkai" and be sure to submit
them to Shinjinkai H.Q. before the deadline of January 15th. 


A note to new members: you do not need to submit annual dues if you've recently joined one of our dojo

and are un-ranked. When the time comes for your first rank test (5th kyu), you may submit the annual dues

at that time.

Should you have financial difficulty that prevents you from submitting your dues by the deadline, please
let us know and we will work to assist you.

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