Tactical & Self-Defense Training

Tactical Training

 (For Armed Professionals &

Responsible Civilians)

Physical skills useful for prevailing in a modern threat environment are instructed by Shinjinkai
to armed professionals and responsible civilians.  
These include:


  • Situational awareness: maximizing sensory contact with the environment
  • Centering and respiration techniques: psycho-physical training for maintaining/regaining operational clarity
  • Defensive Tactics for Law Enforcement: officer safety, rapid takedown and immobilization, handcuffing
  • Close quarter combatives
  • Edged weapon tactics (fixed and folding) and defense
  • Impact weapon/baton tactics and defense
  • Firearm retention and disarming: pistol and long gun
  • Improvised weapon tactics
  • Multiple assailant tactics
  • Civilian personal protection
  • Sexual assault prevention
We are also adept at constructing scenario-specific training to meet unique needs.
We have instructed these skills in both agency-sponsored and private venues to:
  • Federal law-enforcement agencies: FBI, IRS, Treasury Department
  • Numerous state, county and municipal law-enforcement agencies
  • US military and special operations personnel
  • Foreign military, government security and anti-terrorist personnel
This training was previously offered through the Association for Tactical Applications (ATA), a consulting group founded by Moore Sensei at the request of the late Aikido master Fumio Toyoda (who served as its technical advisor, having himself instructed Japanese police and members of what was previously called the South Korean Central Intelligence Agency).  Toyoda Sensei felt very strongly that traditional martial arts should creatively adapt and address the realities of modern violence.  We continue his efforts today by offering this training through Shinjinkai.
To discuss the possiblity of scheduling a training event for your organization, unit, or group,
please contact us.  
Some of these skills are also instructed at Shinjinkai locations as part of our general Aikido program.

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