Dojo-cho, Shinjinkai

Keizan Murray is an instructor at Shinjinkai in Chicago, where he also serves as dojo-cho (manager). He additionally leads our Youth Aikido Program.

Mr. Murray has studied various martial arts for 37 years; 10 of which as apart of the United States Marine Corps. He began his training in 1980 studying Wu Xing Ba Fa Quan; which opened the doorway to meditation and Asian philosophy. Dedicating his life to a disciplined practice of the Martial Way, he began other arts such as Baqua and Wing Chun. In 1995 while stationed in Japan, he found Aikido and Zen, instantly realizing he found the art he long sought for. Upon returning to Chicago in 2005 Mr. Murray began formal training in both Aikido and Rinzai Zen under Moore Sensei, as well as Mugai Ryu Iaihyodo under Pettet Sensei. He received Fukushidoin in 2011, and in 2017, zaike tokudo (lay ordination) and jukai (taking precepts) in Rinzai Zen, under Moore Sensei. He holds the rank of sandan (3rd degree) in Aikido, and shodan (1st degree) in Meishi-ha Mugai Ryu Iaihyodo.