The beauty of life lies in its diversity - in the various things, large and small, which allow us to see the world with brighter eyes, and a broader mind. So, too, it is with Budo. Budo - a term generally associated with traditional

martial arts - illustrates a process of human betterment and growth which moves us from who we view ourselves to be, to what we will forge ourselves to become. Be it Aikido, Iaido, Zen, Taijutsu, Calligraphy, Ikebana, Tea Ceremony, Poetry, Painting or other, these "Arts" all share and consistently reflect the qualities of learning, refining, applying, and sharing.

Take a look at the video above to see how #OurBudoStory begins, then submit your video today. Budo, like life, is meant to be passed down from person to person. Budo is for everyone, has something for everyone, and we want you to help us spread that message. Every week we will display #TheStorySoFar, so that everyone can see how amazing, and widespread the story of Budo actually is. We will also update you on how much we’ve raised for

Korinji to that point. 

We want YOU to add your story to our tale of what Budo is, to help us to dispel the myths, to display what Budo actually is, and to communicate what Budo does for every individual, regardless of level. Whether you are new,

junior, or senior, male, female or other, young and old, please, share your story -specific martial arts experience is

not required for participation- anyone can participate using their individual and personal arts, simply provide an

example of what that looks like. Tell us why Budo is needed perhaps now, more than ever, as we launch our

2020 fundraising campaign. The goal this year is at least 10k ... I know, it sounds like a lot! In truth, Korinji is in grave

need to repair the roof of the zendo, and urgently needs to construct a much required 20x20' storage structure. 

To take part in our summer fundraising efforts, just follow the easy and fun steps below:

  1. Click the button below to submit your donation. Upon completing your donation, you will then be taken a page to upload your video. If you wish to donate, but not participate in our video tribute, then please use the "donate only" button below. 

  2. Your video must be at least 30s long, and no greater than 2 minutes (it can be live or pre-recorded).

  3. The video must include your reason/joy for training and how the art "changed" you.

  4. The video must include a physical display of your art.

  5. The video can be indoors or outdoors, be creative!

  6. You must “pass” the video along to someone else to continue the story.

That’s it! We can't wait for your videos - don't be the last to submit!

Thank you for your unwavering and continued support.

©2020 by Shinjinkai, The Japanese Martial Arts Society.