Community Days: 2019 Fundraiser

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Shinjinkai, The Japanese Martial Arts Society

We are excited about this year’s Fall-a-thon, which is a great way to have fun while raising funds for a good cause: the continued development of our rural retreat center and Zen monastery. In past years this annual campaign has actually built Korinji. Now during this first year of Korinji's life we will fall to house and feed the monastery residents, to make retreats and other Zen practice opportunities possible, and to continue the work of establishing our monastery's roots here in the heartland of North America.

How the Fall-a-thon raises money for Korinji.

Shinjinkai members obtain pledges from sponsors - friends, family, co-workers - as they challenge themselves to take as many falls (i.e., being thrown) as possible for a duration of 15 minutes. These pledges may be flat amounts, or per-fall amounts (for example, a pledge of $1 donated for every fall you take). It's up to you and your sponsors. HERE is the page where sponsors and supporters may securely submit donations online...fallers don't have to collect any funds at all! All donations go directly to the Korinji Foundation and are tax-deductible. 

15 Minutes?... Challenge Accepted!​

Register below to be a Fall-a-thon participant. Once we receive your registration we'll email you full information, including a sample message to send out to your network, a link to the online fundraising page, and notes on how to prepare for the event.


Then, prepare to fall on August 11, rain or shine! If you can't make it to Shinjinkai, have no may still obtain pledges for Korinji and

join with us in spirit.



Register Now To Reserve Your Mat Space!

Thank you for supporting Korinji with your hearts, minds, and bodies! Please fill out the form below to register for the Fall-a-thon.​

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