How To Begin Your Practice



1)  When can I visit?


Our classes are always open for observation, or a free trial, and you may visit the dojo
during any day, and class time, that fits your personal schedule. However; it is best to
contact us, or check our calendar, to ensure there is not a special event occurring during
the time you wish to visit.
Click here to schedule your first visit.




2)  What should I bring?


Plan to arrive at least 15min early, and remember to bring loose, comfortable clothing
(jogging pants, shirt, no shorts) to practice in.




3)  Are there classes for beginners?


Yes! Saturday mornings, from 11a-1p are our regularly scheduled Aikido Fundamentals,
and Ukemi Basics class. Ideal for beginners, these group classes are designed to allow students a greater understanding and application of the fundamental basics of aikido;
stance, movement, striking, and weapons. Focusing not solely on application of technique,
but of building proper responses in the mind and body. 




4)  Does it cost to try a class?

No! In traditional martial arts, trying a class is simply that, taking a class to see if the art,
the instructor, members, and dojo itself, are a fit for your own personal training goals.
Here at Shinjinkai you may also purchase a
4-Class Intro, which entitles you to try any  4
classes for $75, or our
 1-Month Unlimited, $95, which allows you to try every class we offer (Aikido, Iaido, and Zen) for 30 days.




6)  How much are classes?


We have many pricing options to fit every individual (student, family, veteran, city servant,
and more) on average classes are $75 per person, per month. In situations of financial need,
a sliding scale can be arranged. 




5)  How do I become a member?


Get on the mat and begin training! It's that simple really, however, in keeping with tradition (and to ensure we keep the doors open) becoming a member at Shinjinkai is done in person, with the Dojo-Cho (manager) and is both painless and easy. We take all forms of payment (credit card, check, bank draft, as well as cash). Click here to get started.




7)  Where do I purchase a uniform and weapons?


We do not sell uniforms in the dojo; but recommend these sources for purchasing them when you are ready.







​Come in to view a class at one of our Chicago area locations and meet our instructors. Visitors are welcome most weeknights and weekends depending on our class schedule. To schedule your first visit, please fill out the form below. We'll reply within one business day to confirm your appointment.


Book -A- Visit

Membership Options

Below is information for our Chicago and Prospect Heights locations. For information about our Vernon Hills and Northwestern University Locations, please contact them directly through their websites, here.

1)  If you would like to become a member of our Aikido, Youth Aikido, or Mugai Ryu programs now, please make an appointment to come in, view the classes that interest you, and meet with our staff (a parent or guardian should accompany children interested in our Youth Aikido program). You may sign up and begin your training at any time.  Book a visit now. 

2)  If you would like to try practicing with us before committing to membership, you may purchase a 4-Class Introductory Package for $75. This allows you to attend any four Aikido, Youth Aikido, or Mugai Ryu classes in our schedule and meet the instructors. Afterward you may become a full member.  Purchase the Introductory Package now.

3) Shinbukan Kuroda Ryugi: participation in this program requires an application process and approval from the headmaster in Japan.

Please inquire by email to the Chicago Shinbukan group coordinator here.


4) Taijutsu: If you are interested specifically in this class, please email the instructor directly here.


5) You do not need a uniform when you first begin...comfortable work-out clothes are fine (no shorts please).  We do not sell uniforms, 
but can recommend sources for purchasing them when you are ready.





  • Members pay a monthly dues to support our community.  Dues are paid month-to-month:  no advance payments are required.  
    The minimum membership is 6 months. 1 year memberships are discounted.  


  • Dues are not a fee for classes, but support our community's existence.  Members pay dues whether they attend class or not.


  • Dues are non-refundable. If you wish to cancel your membership, you may do so in person at any time after your initial 6 months
    (or 1 year).


  • US Military personnel, veterans and public servant (full-time LEO, fire) dues are discounted.


  • Student (high school, full-time undergrad or graduate) dues are discounted. 


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