Time to Refocus

Keizan Murray

Oct 1, 2021

"Ikyoku shuchu; Takyoku bunsan." [Concentrate on a single point; Spread out to many points]. - Toyoda Sensei's personal motto.

It has been said that if one is not training at least 3 days a week, one is not serious. And the famous examples of accomplished teachers - Morihei Ueshiba, Yamaoka Tesshu, etc. - what about them, and how they lived? Were they too extreme also? I am left feeling a bit puzzled in general at the tone of many comments lately: they often strike me as attempts to negate rigorous practice, or affirm one's own comfort levels, rather than expressing inspiration and resolve. In a way, many of them seem to have undertones of resignation, discouragement, even nihilism. Heck, even someone expressing interest in doing immersive practice is almost criticized, told basically to take it easy LOL. How crazy, that such a person is not instead lifted up, encouraged, urged onward!

If martial practice is not making you feel more vital, crazily alive with resolve and the kiai of your complete being, expanding of your capacity, challenging of boundaries and self-imposed limitations, determined even to the point to continue despite all obstacles...what are you doing?