Year of The Tiger

Keizan Murray

Feb 1, 2022

“In this uncertain world, ours should be the path of discipline.” - Shiba Yoshimasa (1350-1410 A.D.) 'Opinions in Ninety-Nine Articles'.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to say those three little words… Happy New Year! According to the Lunar Calendar, it is the Year of The Tiger (if you're in to that kind of thing read on, if not, feel free to skip this part... I won't hold it against you. Lol.) Inspired by the characteristics of this animal (I was born in the Year of the Tiger) I've re-designed both the look and feel of the newsletter and the Shinjinkai website. So, after you've read all there is to see here, head on over to the dojo website and take a look; be sure to press all the buttons, try every link, critique each images, and don't forget to share your thoughts!

The tiger embodies courage and bravery, so the new year could symbolize resilience and strength — even in times of struggle, scholar Jonathan H.X. Lee said. And while the world has become accustomed to the changes Covid has brought about, it is still a struggle for all. Some, far more than others. For those who celebrate Lunar New Year, which officially began on the first day of February, the occasion could mark a pivot toward refreshingly good change. Something each of us would greatly welcome. In that vein, do consider your family, your friends, your work, your practice, and surely your life. Not for yourself mind you, no! I ask that you consider these things to contemplate whom would benefit from change -any change!- no matter how big or small. And if at all possible... help them upon that path of change.

As practitioners of Aikido, Iaido, and Zen, are we not agents of change? We are the example and embodiment of the concept, are we not!? While you may have found your path, others may still yet look, or are undecided. Our ethos is to live fully, and benefit others (it says so on the website) and we train not only for our own goals, but the goals of others as well. And if we do not, then we are false practitioners indeed! I, for one, wish not to be included in such a category. It is a new year, and while you may not feel new, you are living anew in every moment, with every breath, thought, and action.

Now get out there! Share your truths, and aid others, I beseech thee!