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The outdoors are a vastly appealing place; camping, swimming, kayaking, hiking, and other events with friends and family are always something to look forward to. However, while in the outdoors and a problem arises that you were unprepared for; and with no local help available, in the midst of a difficult situation, what do you do? That thought sort of spoils the fun of being in the outdoors in the first place, the (potential) dangers. But what if you were so knowledgable, and confident, that you were able to prevent the trouble from occurring -or simply know the correct thing to do- in the first place?

Persons wishing to explore the various disciplines of outdoor experiences may contact our friends at Nature Reliance School 
to help you. Craig Caudill, Director and Chief Instructor, who turned his passion of outdoor engagement into a nationwide joy, has assembled a talented team of instructors and courses where you will learn to hone such skills as -but not limited to-  Bushcrafting Basics, Tracking, Land Navigation, and Wilderness Safety, and Survival.


Take a look at the video below, and use the contact form below to get in touch with Nature Reliance School.

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