As creatures of habit we all need healthy routine, and adjusting to the "new norm" where your dinning room has become your office, your living room is now an all-purpose [insert-need-here] space, and your bathroom is your only refuge from... well... it can be challenging, to say the least. With everything and everyone so full of uncertainty, maintaining a successful practice routine may appear  to be a luxury.


However, sticking to your training routine is easier than you think - even if you're staying in the comfort of home.


Join us every - Tuesday, and Friday, at 12:30p - to get all the tips you need to begin, and fill in the gaps, of your practice time in the most productive way. This event is online only, and you can view it from the comfort of your home, via any mobile device. Have Facebook? RSVP and view here. If you don't have FB you can also watch at the same time on our Twitter Page , YouTube Channel or  Instragram Page. 




If you can't make it to any social media outlet, do not fret, just take a look at the video below
and you'll notice we reserved a copy just for you! 

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