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Aikido is a powerful, graceful art founded early in the 20th century by Morihei Ueshiba. Its decisive techniques include throws, joint locks, strikes and immobilizations, practiced within a context in which weapons (knife, sword, staff and others) are assumed to be present. Aikido philosophy is to avoid harming others whenever possible.

A potent distillation of centuries of martial knowledge, Aikido transmits the most noble teachings of Japan's samurai tradition. It is practiced by thousands worldwide not only for fitness and self-defense, but for deep personal development. Aikido techniques also serve as the core of many defensive tactics programs instructed to law-enforcement personnel, in Japan, and worldwide.

Our Aikido program is affiliated with the Aikido World Headquarters in Tokyo through Aikido Shimbokukai, a peer association working to foster exchange, mutual support, and friendship among Aikido teachers from different traditions.