The modern (gendai) form called Atarashii Naginata “new Naginata”. It employs the use of a bamboo and oak naginata for practice & competition. Majority of training is dedicated to Engi (forms) and shiai (matches) wearing armor (bogu). Bogu is not required until a certain level of proficiency is demonstrated. Atarashii Naginata is an art that can be enjoyed by men or women, from the youngest preschooler to the oldest senior citizen.

The second school is the classical (koryu) art of Tendo-Ryu naginatajitsu. Tendo-Ryu the “School of the Way to Heaven” dates back to the late 1500s. It uses the naginata, but also the practice of various other weapons: the long and short swords, both swords (nito-ryu), two kinds of daggers, the staff (representing the shaft of a broken naginata), and the Japanese sickle with a chain (kusarigama).