Tuesdays 6:00p-6:45p, Thursdays 5:15p-6:00p, Saturdays 10:00a-10:45a


Shinjinkai’s Youth Aikido program is ideal for children 6-14 years of age. Our curriculum and teaching approach are energetic, disciplined, and revolve around three core principles: Focus, Compassion, and Effort. Through cooperative games, exercises, and basic Aikido techniques, children learn to develop physical, mental, and emotional wellness and fitness. The paired training of Aikido lends to the development of positive social interactions. There is no competition, and it is all conducted in a safe and empowering environment. Aikido training instills qualities and skills like:

  • Conflict resolution

  • Character Development

  • Cooperation and increased regard for others

  • Etiquette

  • Leadership

  • Problem solving

  • Responsibility and Discipline

Shinjinkai is a supporter of homeschool and other small-group activities. Because we share many of the same core values, we welcome opportunities to include homeschooled children and teens in our programs. Our instructional approach is customized for each homeschool group, and integrates physical, social, emotional and cognitive learning experiences for each student, according to his or her age group and stage of development. For those youths not comfortable in a group environment, Shinjinkai also offers private classes.