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Shinjinkai's founder, Meido Moore Sensei, currently serves as abbot of Korinji, a Rinzai Zen monastery about 50 miles from Madison, WI.

Persons wishing to explore the intersection of a particular art, or discipline, and Zen meditation under his direction, are invited to apply for a focused residential apprenticeship (uchideshi training) at Korinji. Uchideshi in this full-time program will participate in daily Zen practice according to the monastery schedule, but with approximately 4 hours each day allotted for Budo training. Focused internships are offered along three tracks: Self-Created Interships, Martial Arts and Zen: Uchideshi Training, Zen and Forging.


The minimum uchideshi commitment is 6 months, however shorter internships and guest stays are also possible. 

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